Sigourney Weaver May Be Heading Back to Ghostbusters With a Few More Original Cast Members [Updated]

There is no remake, only original.
There is no remake, only original.
Photo: Sony

By his own declaration, Jason Reitman’s upcoming Ghostbusters movie is for the fans. Yes, it will star mostly new characters, but “this is the next chapter in the original franchise,” he said earlier this year. “It is not a reboot. What happened in the ‘80s happened in the ‘80s, and this is set in the present day.”


With that in mind, the following tidbit may not come as a complete surprise, but it’s exciting nonetheless. In an interview with Parade Magazine, Sigourney Weaver sure makes it sound like she’s coming back for the new film. “It’s going to be crazy working with the guys again,” she says, referring to Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd—who, apparently, may also be returning. Weaver also confirms to the magazine that she’s reprising her role as Dana Barrett, which seems to suggest that everyone else will be doing the same with their characters.

Representatives for Reitman had no comment on this news and Sony would neither confirm or deny. io9 also reached out to Weaver’s reps and will update the story if we hear back.

Beyond that, we know that the new Ghostbusters will star Carrie Coon as a single mother of two, her kids will be played by Finn Wolfhard and Mckenna Grace, and that the family will have some kind of connection with those original characters. The movie is due out summer 2020.

Expect maybe a little more information this weekend, as Sony is hosting a Ghostbusters Fan Fest at its studio lot in Culver City, CA.

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This article was updated twice after publication with the response from Reitman’s camp and Sony.


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Carrie Coon looks too much like Sigourney Weaver in that picture. So is Carrie Coon going to play the baby from Ghostbusters 2 all grown up? At first, I’d say no, unless they make the character trans, since he was baby Oscar.

Maybe another kid, who is from Dana and Venkman getting together after GB2.