Silex WUSB Device Server Gives You Pseudo Wireless USB

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The Silex SX-2000WG USB Device Server is a nifty little gadget with a ridiculously long title. The WUSB will allow you to network your USB dependent peripherals wirelessly, they can then be reached via any computer on your WLAN. It is both Windows and Mac compatible, and works by utilizing software that emulates a direct USB connection. The WUSB supports transfer speeds of 12Mbps, it can stream low resolution music and video and even sync your iPod, (again). Wired free living will set you back to the tune of $149. [Everything USB]




This is a great thing for pro tools users like myself if you are going to be in a different room in the house on your laptop mixing, you can authorize your usb key from a different room and still use your plugins and all. Of course there are very manyt dfferent uses for it including printers, drives etc, but that would be great for me.