Silicone Straps Serve as Beverage Seatbelts On This Serving Tray

If you spent any time working as a server in a restaurant or bar, you're probably already a master at carrying trays full of food. The rest of us, however, need all the help we can get. And this clever serving tray from Finell helps eliminate spills using a series of stretchy silicone bands that help to hold everything secure when it's in motion.


It's so simple an innovation that anyone can upgrade their own serving trays with nothing but a bag of industrial-sized elastic bands. In fact, it might actually be cheaper to just do it yourself, because the Grip serving tray will actually set you back $495 when it's available come April. In fact, even spilling, breaking, and replacing a regular serving tray full of glasses and pitchers is probably still a cheaper alternative. [Finell via Cool Hunting]

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