SIM2, Dolby's High Dynamic Range TV: For Quality A-Team Viewing

Illustration for article titled SIM2, Dolbys High Dynamic Range TV: For Quality A-Team Viewing

Hey kids! Mr. T here, tellin' you that watching too much TV is bad for you. But if you're stuck inside, maybe you're sick with a cold or something, then this new TV by Dolby and SIM2 Multimedia might be good. It's got some cool local-dimming LED technology —1,838 of the suckas— that dynamically adjust backlighting for the best picture. They say it's got infinite contrast ratio: no shit! Guess that's the High Dynamic Range part. Has 1920 x 1080 pixels, 46-inch screen and is designed by an Italian-sounding guy. Giorgio Revoldini. Say What? You want to buy it? It's a protoype, sucka. [7 Gadgets]


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