Fabrik Inc's dropping the latest line of Pininfarina-designed (as in Ferrari) SimpleTech-branded external hard drives. The new desktop SimpleDrives come in five colors and six sizes: fire red (160GB), pearl white (250GB), sapphire (320GB), onyx (500) and charcoal gray (750GB and 1TB), with the 160GB model starting at $100. All have a nifty blue circle of light on top showing you how much space you have left.


The storage is pricey on a data-to-dollars basis, but the included backup software claims to make the often tedious process of backing up and restoring data fairly effortless, and moreover, portable. But let's not kid ourselves here about what you're paying for: they look good and you get to say "Ferrari" whenever you tell your friends about them. Close-up after the jump.

Product Page [SimpleTech]

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