Sip a Soup Supper Out of This Sleek Steel Thermos

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People who enjoy soups on the go have long suffered awkward plastic thermoses and missing spoons, but no more. The Black + Blum Thermo-pot provides a stylish steel solution. Also a built-in spoon.


The thermos itself is made from a corrosion-resistant steel, while its cap has a natural cork top and plastic threading that ensures a good seal but stays out of sight when the lid is on. The Thermo-Pot also comes with its own simple and slick spoon that attaches to the thermos magnetically so you (theoretically) won't lose it. The Thermo-pot can keep its contents warm for about six hours, plenty of time to make it until lunch. You can pick up your own and bring some style back to soup-sipping for about $52. []

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You're saying I should blow $52 on an insulated cup and a spoon? I think I'll stick with a plastic thermos and a plastic spoon readily available from the box at home.