Sip Espresso In a Coffee Shop That Looks Like a Secret Fort

In the middle of a park in the north of Amsterdam is a building that looks abandoned. But actually, it's the Noorderparkbar; a quaint coffee shop built entirely from of secondhand materials.

Bureau SLA and Overtreders W, the two firms behind the the cafe, built and designed the place at the same time, because the materials were difficult to find. They looked all over the Netherlands, finding frames that in their past lives, were used for a temporary hospital. (i.e. the old windows and white-framed skylights comprising the light-soaked interior. Wood for the shutters was sourced from a defunct formwork factorial. An ancient Japanese technique called shoo sugi ban was used to char the outside giving it a raw, earthy feel. All of this together makes the new coffee shop looks like it has been there for years, a rare discovery inside a public place. [TheFoxIsBlack via DesignBoom]


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