Siri Doesn't Think the iPhone Is the Best Smartphone

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Time to add another to the long list of Siri's ailments: self-loathing. Because when you ask your iPhone's robot lady butler what the "best smartphone ever" is, she opts for a direct competitor. Personal assistants say the darndst things!

But, uh, if it's not the iPhone, what is it?

Turns out the apple of Siri's smartphone eye is the Nokia Lumia 900 4G (cyan, if you please). Seriously, ask her yourself. But before you head to AT&T for a trade-in, know that she doesn't mean to shove you into another handset's arms. The Lumia 900 is terrifically nice, yes. But the only reason Siri loves it, as TNW points out, is because Wolfram Alpha loves it.


Wolfram Alpha, the "computational knowledge engine" that juggles both facts and basic equations, provides the answers to many of your Siri queries—including this one. Because it pulls its information from user reviews around the world, it's easy to see why the Lumia would come out on top. The device's recent release implies a recent onslaught of positivity, and Nokia fans are not exactly a silent minority.


So don't worry, iPhone 4S owners. Your phone doesn't hate itself. At least, not any more than it ever hated abortion clinics. [TNW]