Sirius Goes High-End With Mercedes Partnership

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XM Satellite may be in bed with GM but Sirius has gone high-end with their partnerships. At least until 2012. Sirius has now extended its exclusive agreement to provide Mercedes-Benz with Sirius satellite radio as a standard feature, beginning with 2007 model year vehicles (coming out this year). Unfortunately, you'll only be able to get the service with 2007 year SL-Class and CL-Class vehicles, and all AMG and 600 model vehicles at first.

Mercedes-Benz also plans to extend the number of models with SIRIUS as a standard feature in the future. SIRIUS is available as either standard equipment or a factory option on Mercedes-Benz vehicles, with volumes expected at 250,000 vehicles over the next two years, a figure representing approximately 50% of Mercedes-Benz sales.


The subscription rate is bundled as part of the feature.

Prices for Sirius satellite radio receivers (no Benz attached)

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