SIRIUS Stiletto Gets Officialized ... Finally

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We've been gabbing about this thing for what seems like years, and it is finally here, kind of. SIRIUS has officially announced the Stiletto 100. It is still all of the same info we have heard before about this player—satellite listening, Wi-Fi, up to 100 hours of recording on the 2GB hard drive, scheduled recording, etc. The one little piece of info that came as surprise is the fact that the Stiletto 100 will include Yahoo! Music software, which allows users to buy music and save it directly onto the Stiletto.

The SIRIUS website even got an official product page, but the Buy Now link is kind of borked. The press release say that the Stiletto 100 is available this month, and given there is only a week left in the month, I presume that means it is available now—if only the Buy Now link would work.

It's Official: SIRIUS Announced the Stiletto [Orbitcast]

Update: Tipster, Erik, e-mailed in to mention that Howard Stern was talking about the Stiletto today on his show, and mentioned that the Stiletto would go on sale today. Too bad that damn Buy Now link still doesn't work on the SIRIUS page.
Update again: Alright, it lets you add to your cart and it says shipping begins on October 4. Mine is ordered, duh. Try this link, here.