Sirius, XM Merger Fo' Real? Nah, Not Really

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Sirius Radio Chief Executive, Mel Karmazin, said that he would like to buy XM radio but there would be quite a few hurdles to jump.

"Regarding XM - would we like to buy them? Sure. We'd love to buy them. Price would matter, so that would be an issue ... (and) there would definitely be the regulatory issue," he said.

Karmazin continues to say that Sirius is definitely not up for sale and that a merger probably wouldn't work out. He was quoted saying that the current Sirius business plan does not include making any kind of deals and he also said that he would be gone if any kind of merger happened. Well, I guess that kills hope for a universal satellite radio to compete with terrestrial radio. Thanks for the buzz kill, Karmazin. Thanks to Orbicast for the nifty image and hit up their link below for some insightful commentary on the entire situation.

Mel Karmazin opens Convergence 2.0 [Via Orbicast, Reuters]