Skinny Water allegedly has some powerful juju inside, Croatian Artesian water
with a substance called Super CitraMax, or for you scientists out there, hydroxycitric acid.

What does this stuff do? Well, nothing, but if you believe Jana, the snake-oil salesmen who move this stuff for a big profit, it's supposed to make you feel less hungry, increase metabolism, and block carbohydrate absorption if you drink a bottle four times a day, a half-hour before you eat. Well, believing is probably enough to make this worthless substance useful about half the time. The placebo effect is a powerful thing.


Soon to be available at 7-Eleven stores, retail pricing is an astonishing $1.80 per 16.9-ounce (.5 liter) bottle, a steep price to pay even if the substance did have magical powers. Who would have ever guessed that water salesmen could extract such windfalls from innocent victims?

Diet Drinking Water [Strange New Products]

Skinny Water costs $39.99

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