Skullcandy MacGyver MP3 Watch

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We're not sure why this is called the MacGyver watch, seeing as MacGyver didn't ever use an MP3 player in any of his contraptions, as far as we recall. Nonetheless, this watch has 1 GB of flash memory and up to 5 hours of playtime with the built in headphone jack. USB1.1 support makes for length file transfers, so you won't be able to load this up while tied up in a room with an electric saw next to your crotch.


If this were really a MacGyver watch, all it would come with would be a watch band and a round piece of metal—he rest of the watch would need to be assembled from stuff lying around your house. And if you couldn't do it within an hour, it would explode.

Available June 30th.

Skullcandy MacGyver MP3 Watch [Discovery via Infinity Labs]

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