Skype Is Now Officially a Division of Microsoft

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The boards have sent their approval, the money has exchanged hands and the regulatory hurdles have been overcome. Now it's time for Skype to officially become part of Microsoft.


Starting today, October 14th, Skype will become a division within Microsoft. All Skype employees will work for Microsoft and Skype CEO Tony Bates will become the president of the Skype Division of Microsoft. As for Skype? It will keep doing what it does best - making video chat software that millions of people use. [Microsoft]



What is Microsoft doing? It's in bed with Facebook and now buys Skype... hrm................

A facetime competitor to add to WP7 (offered free to WP7 owners) and Windows 8 that will already have its foot in every major mobile platform perhaps?

Someone needs to tell Microsoft it can't buy its way to the top... especially with abhorred Metro...