Sling Releases Mac OS X Beta, Plus Support For Two More OSes Soon

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During the interview with the Sling co-founder and CEO Blake Krikorian, some juicy was spilled about some upcoming releases.

"Right now we support Windows and we're releasing the beta of the Mac client this week for the Slingplayer worldwide. We've also released the Windows Mobile Smartphone and Windows Mobile Pocket PC phone. Before the end of the year, we'll support additional platforms - there'll be at least two more OSs, so that means a whole bunch more operating devices."

Great news for Mac users, but what are these two OSes? Linux? PalmOS? Amiga? Commodore 64?

Update: Dave Zatz from Zatz Not Funny just told me that the CEO was misquoted. What he actually said was that the Mac beta is progressing nicely, but is still about a month away from release. Sorry Mac fans.


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