Slip N' Slide With WATERWEAR For The Shuffle

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Personally, I walk a lot and ride my bike outdoors. When it rains, I continue to do so not letting a little water bother me. Sometimes though, it'll pour for days and anything on me electronic is in danger of getting wet. That's why when I saw this WATERWEAR case for the iPod shuffle, I was very pleased. The WATERWEAR case is a completely waterproof (not resistant, proof) case with a silicone control mechanism for using your iPod shuffle. This way you can take your shuffle with you anywhere need be and not have to worry about screwing it up. One very nice feature is the headphone isolator plug which lets you use any headphones you have (preferably waterproof) with the shuffle without risk of water seeping in. If you're outdoorsy, this is for you. Available in November for $24.95.

WATERWEAR Shuffle Product Page


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