'Smart Closet' Helps You Dress Yourself

Illustration for article titled 'Smart Closet' Helps You Dress Yourself

Are you so helpless that you can't even dress yourself without assistance? Is your mom making you move out, giving you no one to help you with the tough decisions that face you each morning as you stare at your closet? Well, never fear, you sad excuse for a person, because technology is here to bail you out. Sort of. Meet the "Smart Closet."


The closet senses what clothes you wear each day by tracking embedded RFID tags placed in the collars of your shirts. It knows that you just wore your silk button-up with a giant picture of a tiger on it on Monday, so you should probably not wear it again until next week. Or ever.

It can also help you make more difficult fashion choices. "It can also be connected to an autonomous fashion butler on the Internet, which can suggest clothing choices for casual or formal outings with accessories to match."

Which is all well and good, but unless you actually have some nice clothes to begin with, this thing isn't going to do anyone much good. But I guess if you're a rich guy in the business world who can afford nice clothes but are too lazy to pay attention when you're putting them on, it could be sort of beneficial. Those of you who just wear sweatpants every day, well, no fancy closet can solve that problem. [Business Edge via The Raw Feed]


If you can't dress yourself respectably you need to go hire yourself a nanny because you clearly cannot take care of yourself and don't need that responsibility.