Smart Finder Gadget Locator Finds Lost Stuff: Welcome To Senility

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People lose stuff and the time then spent umpteen hours searching for their misplaced treasures. To prevent this from happening in the future, might you consider investing in the Smart Finder? It consists of a small remote control-like device and little color-coded receivers. Basically, you lose your junk, hit the button on the remote and it guides you to your wares, provided it's within 25 meters (82 feet) of your current location. Yawn.

We picked up on a similar product earlier in the year called DataDot that was sort of similar. Rather than helping you find lost toys, however, DataDot let you put your items in a big database after placing unique little dots on them. You guessed: just as useless.


Our advice? Keep track of your goods lest they find there way onto eBay, the 21st century's equivalent of the back of a truck. And you'll save nearly $60, too

Product Page [Girl Shop UK via Ubergizmo]

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