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Smart Speed Bump Flattens When You're Driving Slow

Illustration for article titled Smart Speed Bump Flattens When Youre Driving Slow

My car has a terrible suspension so I hate speed bumps. Even people with decent cars probably feel the same way. Wouldn't it be awesome if the speed bump flattened when you were driving slow?


Well, that is the idea behind this concept from designers Jae-yun Kim & Jong-Su Lee. According to the description, the bump would rely on "retractors that open up if the impact on them is small enough." In other words, if you are driving slow, the weight of the car would flatten the bump. Drive too fast and the bump would stay active. I don't know how smooth the transition would be, or whether it would be to expensive to produce, but at least the idea is fairly plausible. [Yanko]

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Wouldn't the transition be pretty smooth? I don't know how you would, I'm no engineer, but it seems to me that it would be reasonably easy to make a purely mechanical setup that would sink if you hit it slowly, but would lock in place if you hit it quickly. Sounds like a good idea to me, my car has a pretty stiff suspension setup that passengers don't usually like over speed bumps, heh. I tell them it's worth it for the cornering, but that just scares them when I demonstrate.