Surveillance cameras often have more to do with paranoia, fantasy and fear than reality, but the Smarthome 520TVL color camera takes the real world into account, solving a major problem with outdoor surveillance cameras: cold and ice.

Some cameras won't work below certain temperatures, and any camera lens that's iced over is not going to be much good, either. This one solves those problems with an on-board heater, allowing it to bring you crispy-clean pictures at temperatures down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit.


The 768x494 camera is NTSC and PAL compatible, and has a 1/3" Sony CCD picking up all the action (or lack thereof) through a 3.5mm - 8mm zoom lens. With its removable sunshade to protect against the hot weather, the 520TVL has all the bases covered for $400.

Product Page [Smarthome, via CrunchGear]