Smashing a Car By Dropping a Huge Concrete Block from 100 Feet in the Air Is Stupid Fun

Turns out, dropping a giant concrete block onto a car ends exactly like how you would imagine it would: the car gets completely obliterated and smashed to smithereens. Crash Zone pulled off this incredibly silly stunt and filmed it in slow motion so you can see the damage in lovely, exacting detail. The concrete block basically pierces through the metal frame and sends shattered glass flying everywhere.


The car basically gets bent out of shape. Everything about this is completely unsurprising but slow mo destruction is always fun to watch. They also threw a tiny block at the car first and dropped the car from high up in the air too.


Oof. Not your fault in the least, but this legitimately depressed me, because it reminded me of a totally random real-life case that happened in a Seattle suburb last year - concrete block fell off a an overpass and landed right on a family car, killing a married pair of youth pastors along with their newborn baby. That’s some Final Destination shit right there.