Smashing a Lego Star Destroyer With a 67 MPH Rocket Sled Is Even More Satisfying Than Building One

As tragic as it is to accidentally drop an elaborate Lego creation, it can also occasionally be quite cathartic to watch thousands of plastic bricks shatter in all directions. But I’m glad it was David Windestal and his crew who went to all the trouble of building this 3,152-piece Lego Super Star Destroyer before completely obliterating it on a 67 mph rocket sled.


The resulting carnage is, as always, infinitely more satisfying when you watch it play out in slow motion. And it’s doubtful this Lego model will ever be fully assembled again, because it looks like some of its pieces were launched into low earth orbit during the crash, never to be seen again. But that’s OK, because we’ll never get tired of seeing Lego crash tests like this.

[YouTube via Geekologie]

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The cool part about this, is that I doubt there has been that much damage to the individual Lego pieces, which means....they can rebuild it.

And, clearly the next project is to build a special ultra large Death Star and then crash it into that...or at least a section of an enormous Death Star.