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I watch the silliest movies on Netflix. I'm not sure why—maybe it's the medium?—but I skip out on anything informative and never, ever watch any documentaries. SnagFilms for iPad is an app just for docs...and I love it.


What is it?

SnagFilm, Free, iPad. It's a streaming video app that specializes in documentaries. Which sounds incredibly boring! But when you're given a platter of docs, you start realizing how much cool shit there is to learn about. And sure you might get your doc fill from Netflix or basic cable but SnagFilm is completely free (sponsored by the rich suits at Goldman Sachs) and comes with a pretty good selection, filled with popular flicks like MacHeads, Confessions of a Superhero, Super Size Me, etc to ones with interesting concepts like Blue Jean Confidential and Young Yakuza.

You do have to sit through a few commercials (about the rich suits of Goldman Sachs) but I think that's a pretty rad tradeoff to be able to learn yourself. There's no real 'lists' in the app, it's all swipey, slidey screenshots which do a great job of grabbing your attention (more so than documentaries usually would). Once you select your film, it autoplays and gives you a brief info on the doc and related films for you to watch. It all zips and streams fast! And did I mention it was completely free?

Who's it good for?

People who like documentaries. People who use their iPad to stream video. People who enjoy the freebies.

Why's it better than alternatives?

Because documentaries make you the smarter and it's an app full of them! No, it's because watching any of the documentaries is completely free and it's so easy to jump in and out of them that you'll find yourself blessed with information and a bigger brain.

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How could it be even better?

It's not especially easy to find a documentary because there's no search function. I'd love to have a 'Top Documentary List' to find out what the uber-popular docs are these days. Hell, there's not even a real 'list' of available docs, you just have to swipe around in the 4 genres to find something you like. The app also saves your film history but doesn't have an option to add certain movies to a favorite list.

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Thank you for posting this review. I think my iPad just paid for itself. This is also reinforcing my personal conclusion that regular TV and cable is a huge waste of resources and money.