Snapchat's First 'Non-Creepy' Ad Is For A Horror Movie

Illustration for article titled Snapchat's First 'Non-Creepy' Ad Is For A Horror Movie

Snapchat recently announced that it was getting ads, and it's followed through on that promise, with the first paid-for ephemeral advertisements landing this weekend. However, I'm not so sure that Snapchat's made good on its promise for its ads to be 'non-creepy', since horror film Ouija was the first subject.


The ads slotted in among users' Stories, meaning that they didn't get push notifications for the ads. The horror-film clip also wasn't targeted at particular users, so from that perspective, Snapchat's managed to fulfil its anti-creepiness mandate. Whether or not it can justify its $10 billion valuation with short movie trailers remains to be seen. [Buzzfeed]


That'll just add to the sexiness of all the dick picks and naked selfies that make up the actual chat, right?

(Obligatory: The real horror is Snapchat's security)