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SNES Controller for Wii Unboxed, Looks Incredibly Authentic

Illustration for article titled SNES Controller for Wii Unboxed, Looks Incredibly Authentic

Nintendo's just started shipping out these SNES controllers to their Club Nintendo members in Japan, and great googly moogly are these fantastic. Not only is it a similar greyish color, but the X Y B A face buttons are exactly the same color as before! What better way to play SNES games on the Wii emulator than with an actual SNES controller!


It's too bad that this is only for Club Nintendo members and only for Japan, but you can see more beautiful shots of the gamepad over at Inside Games. If you want to use your original NES or SNES controllers in the Wii, there's also the RetroZone controller adapters for $19 each. [Inside Games]

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@robo: Ha! You're right! I thought I was losing my mind thinking that my old SNES controllers were colored all this time.