SNL manages to come up with even more Hobbit movies

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Last night, our favorite Hunger Games victor Jennifer Lawrence graced Saturday Night Live with her squirrel-hunting, tribute-slaying presence. And the SNL team decided it would be the perfect opportunity to take aim at a couple of genre films, including, of course, The Hunger Games. But the heavy production values went to their goof on the Hobbit films, now with a dozen more parts and 1000% more walking.


Lawrence also reprised her role as Katniss for an awkward post-Hunger Games press conference, which mocked sporting press conferences more than the world of Panem. Sadly, it seems the media's love affair with Peeta cooled somewhat in light of his performance in the games.

Apologies to those outside of Hulu-friendly regions. For those of you in Hulu-friendly regions, you can watch more of last night's episode there.



IO9 should clarify it's position on region-blocked content.

I am calling for a complete ban of any restricted media content, who's in favor ?