I'm unapologetic about my defense of sitcoms. When they're done well, they're truly an art. But one thing I don't expect from my sitcoms is to hear music I like. The Fox comedy The New Girl breaks that rule from time to time.

Recently I heard a song on The New Girl that I had to rewind so that my wife could shazam it. (My wife's the best.) That song turned out to be "Lose Your Mind" by So Many Wizards.


The video for the song is so dumb that I stopped watching it after about 90 seconds. But if you put the song on repeat, down a couple bottles of red wine, and build a pillow fort, you too can pretend like you're a care-free Millennial full of whimsy and joy on permanent staycation.

Or something. I didn't listen to the lyrics either.

Welcome to Soundtrack, what Gizmodo's staff are listening to every night.

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