So That Playboy App Isn't Really an App At All

Illustration for article titled So That Playboy App Isn't Really an App At All

When Hugh Hefner tweeted last night that Playboy's entire back catalog was en route to the iPad—even the naughty bits!—it got the internet tittering about the potential of a Playboy app. But my friends, we've been snookered.


Turns out Hef wasn't talking about an app at all. What is coming to the iPad is Playboy's custom website. That is to say, a subscription service that you access on your browser, with pages formatted to be iPad-optimized. You'll still be able to access the entire history of the magazine in a much more convenient environment than that 250GB hard drive, although there's no word yet on how much you'll pay for the privilege.

Those looking for an app will have one eventually, but it will be subject to all the same App Store censorship policies (read: no nekkid) that any other content provider is subject to. But I guess if you haven't yet found somewhere on the internet to pay a monthly fee for pornography, this is great news? [Fox News]


i had a feeling it would be a webapp. I assume multitouch is still supported?