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Hear More From Dan Stevens' Solar Opposites Debut in This Exclusive Clip

In this exclusive clip, the aliens—including Stevens as the new voice of Korvo—explain what makes birthdays on their home planet so dangerous.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Jesse, Terry, and Korvo in their house on Solar Opposites
Screenshot: Hulu

Solar Opposites season four arrives August 14 on Hulu, bringing a new cast member (Dan Stevens, replacing Justin Roiland) and a new set of adventures for its alien characters, who always manage to entangle themselves in plots that are somehow both mundane and potentially apocalyptic. io9 has an exclusive clip to share today that illustrates that perfectly.

This scene comes from episode six, “The Birth-A-Day Present.” Here’s the episode description: “On a Shlorpian’s birthday, they get strange and dangerous powers. The Solars try to distract Yumyulack so he doesn’t kill them on his birthday.” Truly, that doesn’t begin to capture the panic that Jesse (Mary Mack), Terry (Thomas Middleditch), and Korvo (Stevens) feel when they realize their resident teen bounty hunter is about to level up his destructive tendencies. Check it out!

Solar Opposites | Hulu

See what else happens in the episode—including a very unexpected Willy Wonka tangent—when Solar Opposites season four, which runs 11 episodes, hits Hulu August 14.


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