Someone Finally Figured Out Why The Belcher's Are So Poor

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On Bob's Burgers, everything is always about how poor the family is (or how awesome Louise is). They never have enough rent, or it always ends up getting spent or stolen. It's a situation many of us can relate to, though the show never makes an effort to actually explain just why the Belcher family is so poor. Is it because they hardly get any customers? Or is it because their rent is too damn high?


No one can say for sure, but one person did take it upon themselves to shed some light on the situation with this great info-graphic. By calculating the rent of the Belcher's restaurant/home combo, it's easy to see why they have no money. With 2,058 square foot property costing them $3,924 a month, it's no wonder money is tight. After all, assuming Bob sells his burgers for $5.95 (as his signs often suggest) and ignoring the cost of food and other work-related expenses, the family would have to sell at least 785 burgers a month just to cover rent. That doesn't account for their own food costs, electricity, transportation, or any of the other expenses the average family has. And with only two consistent customers, Bob's family really is one bad month from the streets.

A lot of other work went into this graphic, and there are also a lot of other cool details worth checking out. Like, did you know the Belcher's probably live in a specific New Jersey city that exists in real life? All it took was a little bit of critical thinking and research to figure it out.

[via Business 2 Community]