Someone Tell Me What the Hell is Going On in the New Spirit Trailer

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OK, so Frank Miller is a famous comic book turned movie guy, who wrote such famous books as 300 and Sin City, the latter of which he turned into a cool movie. Now, the studios have let him off his leash and are letting him make what appears to be an insane disaster of a movie called The Spirit. The newest trailer is below, and if anyone can explain to me just what the hell is going on with Samuel L. Jackson in this thing I would really appreciate it. Thanks Jason Chen for the lovely graphic.



Looks awful. But I never understood the fascination with comic books. Regular books were always so much more awesome to me. I mean, comic books usually have terrible dialog and even a veteran artist would be hard pressed to differentiate all the "unique" art styles of the various comic publishing houses and artists. Almost every comic I've picked up looks like it was drawn by the same person.

But wait, I'm not done . . . Comic book writers have crafted some amazing stories; i.e. Xmen, Iron Man, Transmetropolitan, Watchmen, The Preacher . . . etc. I just don't like their story telling vehicle.

Maybe I should start working on novel versions of good graphic novels, for comic-book-phobic people like myself who still enjoy good stories. They probably won't like that proposal much, will they? "Hey, I think comics suck and wouldn't it be great if I re-wrote your story in novel form so more people would enjoy them?" Then again, this is exactly what movie makers have told them.