Sonos Playbar: The Awesomest Wireless Music System Wants to Be Your Home Theater Too

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Sonos continues its righteous quest to dominate every room in your house with easy, awesome wireless music with its new Playbar. Except it's trying to be the easy solution for your home theater, too. The sound bar joins the Sonos subwoofer introduced last year as well as two standalone tabletop systems already available.

The Playbar has nine drivers inside, including three tweeters and six mid-range drivers. It plugs directly into your TV with a digital optical cable, and integrates seamlessly with the Sonos wireless music system.


The Playbar will be available next month for $700 and it's available for pre-order now. But really it's more because this thing is clearly designed to integrate with the existing Sonos sub—notice that it doesn't have any built-in subwoofer or passive radiator. Moreover, it's targetted at people who already own one or two of the Play standalone systems. Sonos even suggests you can pick up a couple of the tabletop systems, link everything up and make a 5.1 surround sound system.

Yeah, sure, but then you're looking at a home theater system that costs some 2000 bucks, which puts it at the same price point as some fine gear from legacy audio companies. The Playbar is going to have to sound very good to keep up with them. We'll have an opportunity to hear the Playbar later this week, and we'll let you know how it sounds. [Sonos]