Sony's new audio streamer grabs tunes from a PC over WiFi, Ethernet, or powerline. That's right, I said the words "New" and "Powerline" in the same coffee-tainted blog breath. Aside from being able to network over home power plugs and lines, there's not much info in the press release. From the looks of it, the lil' fella is a two channel deal, with a simple mono color display. According to John Falcone at CNET, the CPF-IX001, pronounced Cippif-Icksool, is out in August for $300.

On a related note, a fellow tech editor in the know says there's some new powerline networking gear that works really well. But, until I see High Def over my AC with my own eyes, I'm sticking to Wifi and fatty gigabit.


CPF-IX001 [sony's release]

CPF-IX001[CNet's preview]

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