Sony Discontinues Rolly in the US (Actually No)

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Nooooo! Sony, why would you go and discontinue the Rolly! I think it was just about to catch on. I mean, when's a better time for a near-useless $600 MP3 player than during a recession? Updated

OK, so maybe it's not that surprising that the Rolly got shown the door here only a year after its initial release, seeing that it's very expensive and not all that useful. But if you want a Rolly for some crazy reason, you'd better hurry now or you'll need to import one from Japan, where I guess people are still buying them. Either that or Sony is too proud to discontinue it in its home country just yet.


Update: Looks like this isn't true, according to Engadget. Thank heavens! [Sony Insider via BotJunkie]

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Well, maybe if they started stocking the Rolly at Sharper Im.. oh..