Sony Ericsson F305 Motion Gaming Phone is "Fun and Entertainment"

Illustration for article titled Sony Ericsson F305 Motion Gaming Phone is Fun and Entertainment

The Sony Ericsson F305 motion gaming phone leaked this weekend is now official, making for the start of this F-line of "fun and entertainment" phones. The phone's got a 2.0-inch screen, O and X gaming buttons, a dedicated PlayStation button (to bring up games), quad-band EDGE, 8 hours of gameplay, an optional Power Pack CPP-100, Bluetooth and a sliding body. It's not too remarkable of a phone, but it is Sony's first real foray into establishing an explicit gaming phone line. Available in "selected markets" in Q3 2008. [Sony Ericsson]

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I'm A Different Bird

So, those tiny, vertically-oriented buttons on top are supposed to be for gaming? Yeah, right.