Sony Ericsson MH907 "Motion Activated" Headphones

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They won't change how we listen to music forever, but these earbuds are pretty cool. Listen to music normally with one in each ear, but pull one side out and music automatically pauses. Calls are received/ended in the same way.


You don't need to press any buttons, as the earphones use Sony Ericsson's 'SensMe' technology to sense your body. They come in chrome and yellow/white, and will be available worldwide this week for about $55 (39 Euros). The one bummer: you'll need a Sony Erisson phone with a "Fast port" connector. You can check for compatibility here: [Sony Ericsson]


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So to answer the phone in a noisy shopping mall, bar or rush mob, I take out one earphone, then use my finger to plug that ear so I can hear the caller? And there is no answer button to let me keep in both ears? Way to go Sony!

That's almost as good as introducing a shuffle feature where I need to grab my phone, punch in the security code, pull up the ipod app, then shake my phone to shuffle the songs.