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Sony Finally Achieves the Unholy Grail: A $2,000 Netbook

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We're not sure if there's been a lot of clamoring for an crocodile-skin laptop, but Sony's new Vaio Signature Collection looks to fill that void. Even crazier is their customized Vaio P netbook, checking it at a crazy $2,000.

We should note, in case anybody's thinking of sending Sony a fake blood-stained laptop or something, that the animal skin models are all fake. The Signature Collection covers the CS, SR, P, Z and TT Series laptops, and some of these new designs aren't actually too bad, like the Kaleidoscope Vaio TT—though that model starts at $2,750.


The Vaio P netbook gets a little spec bump with a 256GB SSD, but as the design is pretty much just glossy black, we're not sure it's worth the substantial hike in price. Our model, with a 64GB SSD, was $1,200—already extremely expensive for a netbook. The new, Signature Collection model? A solid $2,000. Congratulations, Sony. You've won the gold medal in an event nobody else wanted to enter. [Sony via Sony Insider]