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Sony Getting Closer to TVs With No Cables Whatsoever

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This TV has absolutely no cables connected to it. No video cable. No audio cable. And no power cable. How's this wicked sorcery possible? Thanks to Sony's new Wireless Power Transfer technology, which can send 60 watts over the air.

Sony's Wireless Power Transfer can push 60 watts of electrical energy over almost 20 inches (50 centimeters). That's a pretty decent distance, especially when they say that it can be extended using passive extender units. In fact, they have already achieved 31 inches in other tests.


They claim that their method—which sounds similar to Intel's—uses some dharmastastic magnetic resonance, in which electromagnetic energy gets transmitted from one device to another, both sharing the same resonant frequencies.


Sony says that this system offers 80% efficiency, which may get reduced to about a minimum of 60% if there is a misalignment in the frequencies, which needs to be corrected.

I don't know if this is safe for our bodies or not, but I would like to have it. Even if that requires me not wearing my tinfoil hat while watching the sixth season of Lost. [Sony via i4u]