Sony Has Locked Up Viacom For Its Online TV Service

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Everyone and their dog is trying to create some kind of streaming future for TV, but deals with content providers have proven incredibly difficult to nail down. But the Wall Street Journal reports that Sony has apparently cleared that hurdle, striking an agreement with TV giant Viacom.


The deal would let Sony's rumored internet TV service offer Viacom content (MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, etc.) in addition to its own massive library of television series and films. WSJ reports that there are still a few details to iron out with Viacom, but once the ink is dry, Sony might have something really awesome on its hands. Apparently it's also in talks with Disney, Time Warner, and CBS for an even more expansive offering.

A successful Sony streaming TV service would also bolster PS4 in the living room. Microsoft has obviously been making a similar push with the Xbox One, but this makes it very clear that Sony is very serious about the exact same space.

But the timing here is key. Sony has already had to stall the service once because cable companies have such tight control over content. And Intel, Google, and Apple are also hard at work on their own competing services. Still, it's the first major breakthrough we've seen with a content provider that matters. Most encouraging of all? The WSJ says Sony aims to launch by the end of the year, which means the future of TV might not be as far away as we thought. [WSJ]



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