Sony Is This Close to Paying $1 Billion for Full Control of Sony Ericsson

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Sony sure had itself a day the other day, and rumor has it the tech giant may soon have itself all of the Sony Ericsson joint venture as well.


This according to a rumor reported by industry gaming pub Gamasutra, which reports Sony is oh so close to a $1 billion takeover of the mobile phone partnership that it currently shares a 50/50 deal with devices like the Xperia Play. That device, if you'll recall, bears the PlayStation brand and was 100% marketed to the masses as a game-playing device that happened to make phone calls.


But where would the acquired Sony Ericsson assets go? Again, according to rumor, the bits and pieces would be folded into Sony's PC and gaming wing as part of a streamlining maneuver to save cash and improve operations.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play owners or otherwise, does this sit well with you? [Gamasutra]

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This would totally be a good thing. I never understood the need for the partnership in the first place. I felt it always should have been an acquisition.