Sony MDR-CX1W Retractable Earphones

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We're suckers for just about anything retractable, and Sony helps us out with its MDR-CX1W retractable earbuds, all rolled up into a case for your mp3 player that can be either white with a minty-green interior like this one, black, or pink. Its best feature is its retractable cord, which you can hide away when you're not using it and adjust it to a perfect length when you are.

The case has a belt clip so you can have easy access to your player while you're showing it off to all your envious friends who are probably wondering why you stuffed that iPod into a Sony case. We also like the in-the-ear-style buds, with neodymium magnets inside. We have no idea what neodymium is, by the way, but it sure sounds new and scientific so it must be better than cardboard. They're available now for $49.99.


Product Page [Sony Style] Thanks, Todd!