Sony NW-E505 Reviewed (Verdict: So-so)

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The Sony NW-E505 packs quite a punch for its size; unfortunately there are a few minor kinks that need to be worked out before this is a top-notch contender in the small-form-factor MP3 player market. Firstly, there's no WMA support. Because the RIAA has scared the pants off everyone, people are now purchasing music online and ripping their own CDs. On Windows machines, the easiest way to rip a CD is by using Windows Media Player, ripping into WMA format. But that won't work on this Sony player. Next, the SonicStage software sucks, period. On the other hand, the controls are nice after some getting used to, the OLED display is pretty and the battery life is excellent. Overall, it's average. Maybe it's good for the people who like the size and price of the Shuffle, but really want a display. Prices begin at $119.


Sony Network Walkman NW-E505 [PCMag]

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