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Sony Reduces Blu-ray Lasers' Size and Cost

Illustration for article titled Sony Reduces Blu-ray Lasers Size and Cost

With Blu-ray destroying the competition, the availability of cheaper units is going to be a big part in the future success of the format. That is why Sony's recent success in shrinking the basic Blu-ray reader/writer module is a turn for the better. The new modules will pave the way for thinner drive bays and cheaper players.


The units are only 3mm thick, and Sony is confident that the smaller size will allow Blu-ray functionality to become mainstream in standard 9.5mm laptop drives. Sony are further hoping that this move towards greater ubiquity is secured by the end of this year.


The cost effectiveness will be due to a simpler manufacturing process, and the 3mm modules will also be able to read dual layered BDs with organic dye in the recording layers. Such discs can be produced from traditional DVD production lines, again driving down the costs. Sure, this may all sound like great news, but do you not recall the movies, people? The hardships that were faced by a tiny Thomas Brown still bring a tear to my eye. []

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@lafond66: hey man... no offense, but like the other two guys above me said... have you not been paying attention?!

i'd like to hear your reasoning for thinking bluray is "garbage"???

maybe you should do a little research in the "hd dvd vs. bluray" field. but then again, you would be wasting your time. not to mention the fact that this format war has been going on for a trillion days now. hd dvd is pretty much f'd over. every major filming company has signed off on hd dvd and headed over to the bluray farm. that's how it goes. just look at the quality bluray gives! you cannot deny that. if you don't believe any of this, then... i think you may have been hiding under a rock.

look at past gizmodo forums. you'll see the evidence. crap, go to bestbuy and look how large the selection is for bluray! 2:1 when it comes to the hd-aisle.

i don't know if you've just had a bad experience with a faulty bluray disc (hey; it happens sometimes.... but rarely).... but you need to do a little research - and you'll find out you've missed quite a bit of recent information.