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Nobody's ever really cracked the smart watch concept, but Sony's new offering pairs with either the Arc S or Xperia S to let you check email and messages on the move without getting out your phone — and it actually looks pretty good.


While the concept isn't startling, Sony's offering looks like it could turn out to be useful. It stores up to 255 widgets, most of which will interact with your Android 2.1+ Sony smartphone, though some do work independently, reports The Verge from CES.

The concept obviously aims to reduce the number of times you have to take your phone out of your pocket, letting you check email, Facebook posts and the like from your wrist. Caller ID and battery status are also shown on the Smart Watch screen, and presumably other display items are customisable.


The watch weighs 15.5g without a wristband and measures 36mm x 36mm x 8mm in size. It uses Bluetooth 3.0, packs an OLED display, and can go roughly one week between charges with low usage. That last point is pretty impressive — and means that this thing could actually be useful. No launch date as yet, but it should set you back $149. [The Verge and Pocket Lint]

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