Sony Storms NY with PS3 Preview

We came. We stuffed ourselves with Twinkies. And we played a few rounds of Resistance (the game rocks). If you weren't able to get to Sony's Play Beyond event in NYC, our fearless videographer Richard Blakeley braved the masses and shot some sweet PS3 footage for you. The games for the most part looked awesome (we especially liked the rain visuals in F1 Championship where you can see each rain drop smear the screen as you race through the track). Other titles shown were Call of Duty 3, MotorStorm, and Heavenly Sword. And for the record, those white bubbly chair/pods you see cost $9,000 a pop. No wonder Sony could only afford to feed us Twinkies and Ho-Hos.


I cant help but remind poeople of something very important: A lot of people still dont have Hi-Definition sets. In SD, the games look like piss. I played F1 on a standard-definition TV and I must say that my experience was less than stellar. There is a HUGE difference in visual quality. The loss in detail completely nullifies the next-generation quality. In fact, after playing that game as well as NBA live and a handful of other games, I can say that they looks errily reminiscent of previous generation titles. They look like a well developed xbox title, like Halo 2 for example. Maybe thats no surprise to anyone. But there are a whole lot of people who still dont have Hi-Def sets out there, who stand to be dissapointed. If I didnt have a Hi-Def set, I'd be pissed.

Take the SD challenge.

You'll think differntly about the PS3 and XBOX 360 for sure.