Sony's $20 Million Dollar Ad Campaign Dupes Pogue's One Day Video

The NYTimes writes that Sony spent $20 million at the BBDO advertising agency, so they could make some lighthearted gadget ads. A portion of that large sum bought them a Sony Handycam commercial that showed a 20 year old acting like a baby in a bathtub so his parents could relive his infant moments. What the NYTimes doesn't realize is that BBDO's ad they wrote about is disturbingly similar to that made by their own Gadget Editor in Chief, David Pogue. The video, which is our favorite, is about an AV conversion gadget also by Sony. He also made his video in a day, at what I'm guessing is far less than a portion of $20 million dollars.

Pogue-o Schtick video after the jump.

Nice one. David, ask for a raise. Sony, go scold someone.


The ads, and the driving philosophy behind them, are far superior to those stodgy, self-important PS3 ads that had us so confused. Something the focus groups and artists working on that project forgot: Video games are supposed to be fun.

With New Agency, Sony Tries to Focus Its Electronics Image [NYTimes]


It said a portion of the money went for the commercial, kadtech. It would appear a small portion. It appears they also paid with their dignity and sense of self respect.

I miss the cartoon squirrels and strange boob machines... at least those were creative without being stolen.