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Sony's $200 Cube Brings Music Streaming to Your Bravia System

Illustration for article titled Sonys $200 Cube Brings Music Streaming to Your Bravia System

Sony's been on a roll lately with their Digital Media Port accessories. Their latest one, the TDM-NC1, connects to your Bravia's Digital Media Port and lets you stream music from your PC straight to your home theater. Sure, it looks cool, but for $200 all you get is music support, and it won't even play DRM'd tunes (unless they come from the Sony Connect store).


Product Page [via Le Journal du Geek]

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Why can't they make a suitable replacement for my AudioTron? I mean, that thing required zero software be installed - anything that can share files via Windows Filesharing (CIFS/SMB) works right off. On boot, it scans the network finding shared MP3 files, indexing them itself.

No server software necessary, and worked with network storage devices too. (Plus Linux, MacOS support, and anything else that supported CIFS/SMB).

I put my music on my NAS box, and it can be the only thing actually powered up on the network (other than the AudioTron and the network switch) and listen all day. No need to keep computers powered up for no reason other than run some dinky app...