Sony's 24.6MP a850 DSLR Leaked, May Be Pricier Than Expected

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Sony's a850 DSLR, which looks exactly like the a900, was found lurking in a European online shop both by itself and with a lens kit. The bad part? It might be quite a bit more than the suspected $2,000.

Photorumors, who caught the camera, isn't releasing the name of the shop in hopes of wringing some more information out of them, but the a805 was priced at EUR 2,000, which means about $2,860—much more than the $2,000 we all thought the DSLR would cost. It's also suspiciously similar to the a900. We're talking carbon copy with a different model number similar. On the other hand, it does match up just about perfectly with the leaked a850 manual, so the camera probably will look just like its older brother when it's released. It still could be a mistake (and we certainly hope the price is), but this one looks pretty plausible to us. [Photorumors]