Sony's First HD Radio: XDR-S3HD

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Sony's getting into the HD Radio game, and its first radio is the XDR-S3HD tabletop. It'll go for $200 in July, will have a remote, alarm clock, sleep timer, and a cable to jack in music from your "digital music player." And in case you missed it, that stunning cherry wood finish.

Is this some sort of response to Samsung and Pioneer XM gear?


HD Radio's had a rather lackluster public image next to Sat radio. Yea, it's free, but its OTA, and people have complained about poor reception in early models. And how about that deceptive name? It "approaches" CD quality and HD actually stands for Hybrid Digital, not High Def. But maybe this Sony is a decent set.

At any rate, it's not bad looking. Check out that red finish.

For $100, Sony's offering the XT-100HD, an external HD Radio tuner for compatible Sony car stereos, through the head unit's bus interface.


Delivers Crystal Clear Radio in the Home and in the Car

SAN DIEGO, May 28, 2007 - Crafted to sooth even the keenest golden ear, Sony's table radio and in-car audio adapter with HD Radio™ technology embody both high-quality sound and design. With these two products, Sony today announced its long-term commitment to developing and distributing a range of HD Radio-enabled consumer products over the next several years.
With more than 1300 radio stations available nationwide and a growing listener base, HD Radio technology is the future of traditional radio. It enables FM stations to offer new channels as well as AM and FM stations to broadcast in crystal-clear digital sound. It displays the artist name and song title information and doesn't require any monthly subscription fees.
"Sony is one of the first leading consumer electronics companies to offer quality HD Radio-enabled devices," said Steve Haber, Sony's senior vice president of marketing for the Digital Imaging and Audio Division. "We're adding it to a long list of technologies that support digital music trends."

The Radio of the Future
With a simple yet classic design that complements nearly any living room, the AM/FM/HD table radio (model XDR-S3HD) features a large back-lit blue LCD display set in a mesh-covered front panel and cabinet with rich cherry wood finish. Sporting stereo speakers with a simulated surround sound function, a built-in AM/FM/HD digital tuner and separate bass and treble controls, the table radio with HD Radio capability offers high-quality stereo sound in a small package.
With an auxiliary input jack and supplied cable to connect an external music device, the XDR-S3HD radio lets you play back your favorite MP3 files from your digital music player. The XDR-S3HD radio has 20 AM and 20 FM presets that can be used to store favorite stations for quick access. Additional features include a wireless remote control and a built-in clock with sleep timer and alarm. It will be available in July 2007 for about $200.
HD Radio Ride
Designed to receive high-quality HD Radio broadcasts to select Sony car stereos, the mobile HD Radio tuner (model ,) is a hideaway module that connects through the Sony head unit's bus interface. It feeds rich information, including artist names and song titles, to the car stereo's display. Additionally, it can display radio station names and genres, where available. The new tuner will be available in July 2007 for about $100.
The mobile HD Radio tuner works with most Sony head units to provide additional support for digital music habits. Many of Sony's car stereos come with front aux-in and USB inputs, play MP3 CDs and are iPod® and satellite radio-ready. For a complete list of compatible Sony products, please visit