Sony's New "Affordable" 4K TVs Are Great—Just Like Every Other 4K TV on the Planet

Sony has two new Ultra HD TVs with the same technology as its monster 84-inch 4K LED model. At 65 and 55 inches, Sony CEO's Kaz Hirai said these are going to be the company's "affordable" 4K TVs. How much "affordable" is affordable, we don't know yet. No price has been announced. The only thing I know is that they look and sound amazing.


Of course, you can apply that to every new Panasonic, Samsung or LG 4K TV I've seen so far. Sony claims theirs are the best, but any consumer will think that each of these TVs are awesome, even while comparing them side to side.


Both use the same core technologies as the 84-inch model but, since they use the same resolution, they are much sharper. Obviously, I saw them running perfect 4K footage. It was impressive, as expected.

I have to see them in action with upscaled material to see how good their graphic engine is while dealing with low resolution video, but the Ultra HD footage looked absolutely perfect. The natural color rendering, the saturation, the contrast, and the brightness were all perfect. No sign of artifacts. The motion was natural and gorgeous.

The built-in sound was pretty good. Even in a noisy booth, you can feel the power of the built-in speakers, which Sony claims offer a better sound thanks to their "own magnetic fluid speakers and unique digital signal processing technology to deliver smooth midrange, lower vibration and deep bass." Magnetic fluid speakers made by wizards living in Mount Fuji. The drives are bare and the whole design looks simple and beautiful.

Both models are coming out this spring along with a barrage of new mortal TVs. No price has been announced yet, but "affordable" probably means that they will cost half a kidney instead of a full one.

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Don't want a TV with speakers. I have speakers. Make them a bolt-on option, and lower the TV price. The key will be price and how well they upscale standard HD.